Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my tribute to Dr.Ysr

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has died in a chopper crash.Its hard to believe but true!when i heard that he is missing,i thought his chopper might have landed somewhere in the forest,he's safe and it just takes time for him to come out of the forest but i didn't expect this.He's a fantastic leader.In the recent elections his party won despite the anti-ruling government effect,tough competition from other parties etc because of some great strategies of this man.If he hadn't died i'm sure he would have made his party win the coming elections as well with a huge majority.The irony here is that he's believed to be a lucky charm for our state as during his term we have witnessed a good amount of rainfall but he's unlucky to die like this. May his soul rest in peace!


  1. I agree ra entire state is in grief but we need to move on naa irrespective of everything .... lets hope for the best !!!!!!

  2. He was a legend.


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