Sunday, May 15, 2011

a writing to avoid my boredom

I'm insanely different!!
I'm in the rat race.
I refuse to belive
'Find ur paassion n u'll be succesfull in that field'.
rather zealously stick to
'Pursue a career in MBA so that it gives u more money'
It is idiotic to assume that
it is achievable!!
It is difficult to
handle the pressure.
People, i tell you
decide to give up
and not
be there till the end and work.
I assert
I failed
to get
an admit
as a gift despite
the adequate skill and attitude
i have
to convert the call
I did not have reservation
I cannot say
i am successful!!
I put in my 100% efforts
I have not made to it the big B-schools.

Now read it from bottom to top.But the thing is you need to know where to pause!!

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