Sunday, May 15, 2011

a writing to avoid my boredom

I'm insanely different!!
I'm in the rat race.
I refuse to belive
'Find ur paassion n u'll be succesfull in that field'.
rather zealously stick to
'Pursue a career in MBA so that it gives u more money'
It is idiotic to assume that
it is achievable!!
It is difficult to
handle the pressure.
People, i tell you
decide to give up
and not
be there till the end and work.
I assert
I failed
to get
an admit
as a gift despite
the adequate skill and attitude
i have
to convert the call
I did not have reservation
I cannot say
i am successful!!
I put in my 100% efforts
I have not made to it the big B-schools.

Now read it from bottom to top.But the thing is you need to know where to pause!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my tribute to Dr.Ysr

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has died in a chopper crash.Its hard to believe but true!when i heard that he is missing,i thought his chopper might have landed somewhere in the forest,he's safe and it just takes time for him to come out of the forest but i didn't expect this.He's a fantastic leader.In the recent elections his party won despite the anti-ruling government effect,tough competition from other parties etc because of some great strategies of this man.If he hadn't died i'm sure he would have made his party win the coming elections as well with a huge majority.The irony here is that he's believed to be a lucky charm for our state as during his term we have witnessed a good amount of rainfall but he's unlucky to die like this. May his soul rest in peace!

my first post

As this is my first post i thought of writing about me(don't think i'm egocentric)..Hii..i'm Laxman.i'm pursing my B.E final year from Osmania University,and my branch is CSE.I think,i have a good memory power,i can remember almost everything happened in my life..According to my birth sign i'll become famous(don't know in a good or bad way..seems like heading towards the good way till now)..I believe in a lot of such things,of course if only they turn out in my favour.I don't speak much with strangers,i think my diffidence stops me from speaking but once i get acquainted with them they feel like i'm the most loquacious person they have ever met( i'm not lying).One thing i hate in me is i introspect too much..i always introspect to find out why i introspect too much but couldn't figure it out till now..i think that's enough for a 1st post.
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