Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my first post

As this is my first post i thought of writing about me(don't think i'm egocentric)..Hii..i'm Laxman.i'm pursing my B.E final year from Osmania University,and my branch is CSE.I think,i have a good memory power,i can remember almost everything happened in my life..According to my birth sign i'll become famous(don't know in a good or bad way..seems like heading towards the good way till now)..I believe in a lot of such things,of course if only they turn out in my favour.I don't speak much with strangers,i think my diffidence stops me from speaking but once i get acquainted with them they feel like i'm the most loquacious person they have ever met( i'm not lying).One thing i hate in me is i introspect too much..i always introspect to find out why i introspect too much but couldn't figure it out till now..i think that's enough for a 1st post.

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  1. U need to increase the font ra otherwise I am gonna get new spects,and dude talk more abt ur +ves and just inform ur -ves thats telling abt urself ,u have so much +ve ohhhh modesssstyyyyyyy ok ok got it enjoyyyyyy !!!!!!!


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